Power of new clothes…

I have a bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising from Western Michigan University.  I LOVED everything about my college classes (except jogging…. seriously, I had to take jogging… at 8am… 3 days a week!!!), I found a subject I had passion for and legitimately enjoyed going to class.  Learning about colors, different fits, styles, buying procedures, fashion show directing, and so much more just made me happy!

I have always loved shopping and following trends (In Style mag is my fave!), but when I became a Mom almost 7 years ago, I did let myself turn into the stereotypical SAHM with a wardrobe to match (shock horror!).  If I got out of yoga pants, my hubby asked what I was doing that was so special that day.  Now, I still LOVE me some yoga pants, but I have recently tried to ‘look more put together’ most days.  I FEEL better about myself when I make an effort and have my hair styled.

Clothes have power! I truly wholeheartedly believe this.  On two separate occasions this month, I have been reminded of this.  The first was with my oldest son, Preston.  He is going into second grade in the fall and is my sensitive, deep thinker, and worry-some precious one.  School had just finished for the year and we were packing up to go on our second annual family weekend trip to kick off summer break, when he turned and said ‘Mommy, I’m the only one in my class without (certain name brand) clothes…’, and then he just stood there staring at me.  Three thoughts came to my mind- 1) I’m sure you’re not the ONLY one without that brand of clothes, 2) I didn’t know you were noticing things like that at 6 years old, and 3) I GET TO TAKE MY BOY SHOPPING AND HE WILL ENJOY IT!

Now, do I think he needs to have exactly what everyone else has, NO absolutely not, BUT- for my Preston to bring up clothes like that and to see his head sink, I knew for some reason it was hurting his confidence.  As his Mom, I want to do anything in my power to help his confidence.  So, that weekend we went to the mall and we bought him a few shirts and a couple pair of shorts that he got to pick out…. and do you know WHAT?! I saw my boy hold his head up a little higher walking out of that store.  He got to use some early birthday money towards his purchase, and now whenever he puts something on from that trip, I know that it has a small impact on his confidence for the day.

Before I get any backlash- we ARE teaching him his real worth, and why just he himself will ALWAYS be enough, and that material things in the long run will not make you eternally happy… but whats the harm in helping him short term, with a couple new shirts?!

The second way I have been reminded of the power of clothes this month is through a beautiful friend of mine.  She is beautiful inside and out, and has recently lost some weight.  We had an adult only camping trip planned, and decided to add on an extra day to have a girls shopping day so she could buy some new clothes to reward herself.  Girlfriends + a couple days kid-less + shopping… what could be better?!

During that shopping trip, I witnessed my friend (who has always been gorgeous) get a boost in her confidence.  It brought me back to why I decided to go for a fashion degree to begin with (although, I haven’t used it ‘professionally’… yet).  It reminded me that clothes do hold a higher power than we think, one new outfit that fits right can truly brighten someones mood, confidence and their day.

While it may sound silly to some, my love for clothes remains and my love for seeing people feel more confident and hold their head up a little higher is at an all time high for me.

Ladies, you’re all beautiful the way you were created, truly beautiful and do not need to change a single thing.  My thought though, is that if a little clothes shopping, or getting a mani/ pedi, or getting your haircut makes you happy, then why not do it?! YOU DESERVE IT!


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